13k/mo copywriting case study (do this)

Shiv Shetti
2 min readMay 16, 2022


I’m back from my quarterly vacation today!

And we’re hitting the ground running…

Because the very FIRST thing I saw when I opened up Facebook today was this message:

Screenshot of a text from Shiv Shetti’s mentee describing his latest 5k retainer win.

“I just closed a 5k retainer”

“Now up to 13k per month”

“I’ll be able to buy a house in cash whilst travelling the world”


Do I even need to make a pitch here?

This bloke has all the boxes ticked.

Dinero. Freedom. Stability / security.

It’s going so well he’s lining up to buy a house!


This just shows what’s possible with:

  • A proven retainer-getting process (ye olde Flaming Camel)
  • Consistent coaching to tighten up your skills
  • Focus, drive, and elbow grease

So that being said…

If you want to be my next success story…

Read this page, and take action today.

I can’t guarantee results…

(And I certainly can’t guarantee you’ll be buying houses)

But I’ve helped SO many copywriters work with bigger, better clients for a whole lot more of the green stuff that I’m sure I can help you as well.

The whole “copywriter’s life” thing is MORE than doable.

Go here to see how.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. If you’re not scheduling quarterly vacations…

Stop what you’re doing and sort it NOW.

I used to fight this, too.

I guess part of me felt like taking scheduled time off was too much like a “job”… so I resisted.

In fact…

I worked pretty much flat out from when I started in mid-2018 for YEARS, taking only the occasional break for birthdays / Christmas / etc.

This is terrible… it culminated in a HUGE burnout that wiped me out for over a month.

Bottom line:

You NEED extended breaks.

When you start taking them I PROMISE you’ll be like “how the hell did I go so long without doing this?”.

Thank me later ;)



Shiv Shetti

My “Flaming Camel” process helps copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainer clients ASAP