Copywriting lessons from coaches who coach coaches to coach other coaches

It’s hard not to call the bottom rung of the coaching world a pyramid scheme.

Excited newbies pick up a “become a 6-figure coach” training program…

Then a few weeks later…

Change their FB profile description to something like this:

I help coaches scale their business to 7-figures with organic marketing.

(Side note: why do so many people teach what they’ve OBVIOUSLY never done? And why do so many others buy into it??)

That in itself isn’t much of a pyramid.

But when you take a step back — you’ll notice the ‘spawns’ of big names like Sam Ovens teach the same thing Sam teaches…

…and THEIR clients teach what THEY teach…

…and THEIR clients teach what THEY teach…

…and THEIR clients teach what THEY teach…

…and so on into infinity.

That’s how we’ve ended up with coaches who coach coaches to coach other coaches.

It reminds me of this scene from The US Office:

four screenshots of scenes from TV show The Office (US) where Jim shows Michael how his money-making plan is a pyramid scheme

It’s hilarious to see this play out.

And even more hilarious when you think about how LOW the bar is…

…despite the internet making it possible for anyone to start a business with very little overhead.

Sure, there’s a ton of competition.

But if you do even the SMALLEST thing to stand out, you’ll have a MASSIVE advantage.

That’s why it’s maddening when I see copywriters doing the same sh*t as other copywriters.

They use the exact same cold email templates…

They use the exact same ‘pricing guides’…

They create the exact same boring content posts…

And they even write in the exact same style.

(Stefan Georgi’s ellipses-heavy style in particular)

So if that’s you — be honest with yourself and STOP IT.

As Ian Stanley (hi) is fond of saying:

“It’s better to be different than it is to be better”.

Marketing words to live by!

Now, just to be clear:

There’s nothing wrong with using templates… or being ‘inspired’ by other copywriters’ content or styles of writing.

But it IS a problem when (1) everyone and their dog is doing it and (2) you’re copying blindly.

So don’t do that sh*t.


I recommend checking out my Flaming Camel approach.

(That’s a totally impartial and unbiased recommendation, btw…)

It combines proven processes with personal ‘flair’ — which is what makes it so successful.

Yes, certain parts are templated.

And yes, the whole thing is a giant process that can be repeated to get a predictable result.

($3k-$5k/month retainers)

But the way I’ve structured it* means that no 2 Flaming Camels will EVER be the same.

(*Namely the systemised and UNIQUE value-creation I call ‘client bait’)

So no matter how many people use my approach, it’ll still work wonders.

Granted, that was an empty claim (even though it’s true)… so if you wanna learn more about the nuts and bolts:

I’ve explained how my process works on this page.

(Along with the backstory, the results, and info on the coaching program I run)

Give it a read, and if you like what you see…

Book a call to join and I’ll teach you my unique process for securing large retainers with 6, 7, and 8-figure clients.

But whatever you choose to do:

Learn from the idiocy of coaches who coach coaches to coach other coaches…

…and do whatever is necessary to STAND OUT.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti



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Shiv Shetti

Shiv Shetti

My “Flaming Camel” process helps copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainer clients ASAP