How this copywriter went from 0 clients to landing 2 trial retainers in 3 weeks

Shiv Shetti
2 min readJun 10, 2022


Copywriting can be unforgiving sometimes.

You can do EVERYTHING right…

But through no fault of your own…

Deals fall through, clients ghost for no reason, your referral network dries up, etc etc etc


That feeling of “back to square one”… where you gotta dust yourself off and get back to it… is an EXTREMELY bitter pill.


But it’s necessary.

Have a look at the screenshot below.

(Private info blocked out, as always)

It’s a ‘raw’ testimonial… proof that things aren’t always sunshine and unicorns…

But ALSO proof that if you possess the resilience and the drive to keep pushing though tough situations…

You’ll come out the other side, often in a stronger position.

I mean… this student of ours went from having ALL his deals fall through out of nowhere…


To pulling 2x $2k trial months with whale clients out of thin air… which will both turn into retainers if all goes well.

(All in the space of 3 weeks)



He deserves ALL the credit for picking himself up and stepping back into the ring after things went south.

But what gave him the edge… the fighting chance to bounce back in such a monumental (and fast) manner…


Was having the right support + the right prospecting system so that he could execute — and get back on track — with confidence.


This is exactly what myself, Adil, and Lavan offer our students.

Again — it’s never a linear road.

So expect things to go wrong along the way.


But everything we give our students — from the client-getting training… to the daily copy critiques… to the performance coaching… to the 1-on-1 support… (etc):

(1) works extremely well, and

(2) prepares them for the REALITY of the copywriting game


So if you think you’ve got what it takes…

You truly ARE committed to becoming a top-tier copywriter, making a fantastic living writing for clients you love…

AND you’re 100% aware that this isn’t gonna be a walk in the park…

I believe we can help you get there.

(Check my profile for tons more proof if you’re still skeptical)

That being said…

Check out this page to discover more about what we do, and how we might be able to help.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti



Shiv Shetti

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