I’m basically a potato today

Shiv Shetti
3 min readAug 11, 2021



I got a LAUGHABLY bad readiness score in my Oura stats today.

If that ^^^ sentence might as well have been Egyptian hieroglyphs…

…let me get you up to speed real quick:

  • I wear something called an Oura ring every night, which tracks my heart rate, REM sleep, deep sleep, etc.
  • Bottom line — it tells me how good my sleep is
  • Each morning, I get 2 scores so I can see how well I slept… a ‘readiness score’ and an overall ‘sleep score’
  • They both mean exactly what you think they mean, no need for me to explain
  • For the sake of this email, I’m only gonna talk about the ‘readiness score’


The scores I CAN get range from 100 to 0.

Hitting either extreme is pretty much impossible, but for reference:


Score of 100 = Levitating demi-God

Score of 0 = Full-time TikToker


I’m almost always around 80–90.

But last night?

I hit a 58.

Using the same reference scale as above…

And assuming I’m crunching the numbers correctly…

I’d say that puts my mental faculties on par with that of a potato.

In other words:

  1. I’m gonna be running on fumes all day
  2. Making important, impactful decisions is a terrible idea
  3. Did I mention I’m gonna be running on fumes all day?

I’m even impressed I’ve been able to coherently bash out this email haha


The point I’m getting to is this:

Things often don’t go to plan.

I didn’t do anything to screw up my sleep*…

(*Like eating / working out too close to bed, sleeping in a warm room, being too stressed, etc.)

Yet, it still got screwed up.

Sh*t happens.

To relate that to copywriting:

  • Perhaps you get into conversations with high-quality leads… but they fizzle out, or you get ghosted for no apparent reason
  • Perhaps you book a call with a CEO who’s interested in working with you… but get thrown off by a curveball question and stuff it up
  • Perhaps you land a great client who pays you well… but screw the pooch when your first pieces of copy bomb harder than the US in the Middle East

(Gonna get some unsubs for that joke for SURE haha)

Plus a million other scenarios.

Whatever the case…

Stuff ALWAYS goes wrong.

This is why I SCREAM about the importance of in-depth, personalised, and ongoing coaching… setting my business up to offer just that.

Books, courses, even short-term coaching are great and all…

But when life forces you to colour outside the lines?

It gets a hell of a lot harder when you don’t have someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ to guide you through it.

I’m not talking about hand-holding here.

I’m talking about an experienced eye looking over your shoulder and keeping you on the right lines.


When I saw the 58 readiness score laughing back in my face, my first thought was to ignore it and hit the gym anyway.

But I messaged Eric, my high-performance coach (and good friend), who said:

— -

“Nah don’t be an idiot.

When you get below 60 you gotta take it easy otherwise you’ll mess up the rest of your week.

Skip the gym today, finish earlier, and don’t make any big decisions”

— -

Not Earth-shattering advice.

And I “knew” this already…

But I would’ve done the exact OPPOSITE if he didn’t put me back on the right path.

Anyway -

There are loads of coaches to pick from in the copywriting / marketing-verse.

However… I highly doubt ANY of them offer anything close to the sheer amount of quality, personalised support that I do in both my programs.

(This is the CRUX of all the transformations I’ve helped my students make over the years… and it’s a very long list)

Big claim?


But decide for yourself if I’m full of it or not.

More info on the Flaming Camel and the CMMP here:


Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. If you missed one of my recent Facebook posts…

One of my top coaching students, Areeba Ahmed, recently hit $15k/month in her copywriting business!

(Plus, she’s only working 4–6 hours per day at this point, because her skills are so well refined)

It took time, of course.

I’ve been coaching her for almost 14 months.

(She’s been in both my programs)

But it just goes to show what’s possible with consistent, focussed work… and the right support.

(When we first started working together, she was barely making $1k/month)



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