Infiltrating the copywriting Discord group

Shiv Shetti
4 min readJul 28, 2021


Yes, apparently this is a thing now.

And a couple days ago, a little birdie sent me a screenshot of…

…at first glance…

…what looked like some dude in the copywriting Discord group (called “The Copywriting Collective”) asking if anyone could give him access to my stuff.

For free.

Even better:

Someone happily obliged…

By sending over a TON of notes which I assumed they’d obtained through a torrent site, or even through some dodgy, back-door dealings with one of my students.

Yeah… you thinking what I’m thinking?

(I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling… copywriters)

Anyway, jokes aside…

Upon closer inspection of the messages, I realised I’d rushed to a VERY hasty conclusion.

See for yourself — here’s the original question posed to the Discord group:

(Sidenote… is it bad that I barely even know what Discord is? I think it’s a bunch of forums/chat rooms, but who knows)


Anyone have an idea of what Shiv Shetti’s “Flaming Camel” looks like? Or what it is?

I’ve been enjoying his copy lately [ME: why thank you!], but not interested in his mentoring.

But I want to know what his process looks like.


So yeah…

Not the usual “GiVe Me a FrEe DoWnLoAd LiNk” usually found in the dingy corners of free copywriting groups.

This dude was just asking what it involves from a high-level.

My bad.

(And after reading the notes that another person replied with, I realised it was stuff I’d given away for free at Rob Allen’s Copywriting Summit a while back — a tiny fraction of my full-blown process)

But hey, since we’re on the topic…

I wanna give some unsolicited advice to this bloke, cos’ his question is VERY worrying to me.

Here it is:

Save and pony up a few thousand on a high-quality program.

(Doesn’t have to be mine, but it’s the best on the market if you want big clients and retainers)

Ideally, a program with coaching, support, and feedback of some kind.

See, the sad truth is…

I’ve seen FAR too many copywriters waste YEARS of their life trial-and-erroring their way through the industry…

With their freelance businesses being a combination of random, free trainings and “value bombs” they’ve gleaned from different experts…

All slapped together with sellotape and pushed out the door with fingers crossed and prayers prayed.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work.

Or it does work…

But it’s not even CLOSE to being sustainable or consistent.

(I’m talking in terms of the business-side of copywriting, not the skills-side… although that still applies)

You might think I’m exaggerating.

But this is based on HUNDREDS of Strategy Session calls, email back-and-forths, live Q and As, (etc).

I hear the same story play out over and over and over.

The penny does eventually drop for these people, however…

…months/years later…

…when it hits them like a steam train that they’ve been running on the spot the whole time.

Which is the epiphany moment:

“Sh*t… I need actual, paid help with this. If I’d done that earlier I would’ve been so much further along by now.”

Anywho, here’s hoping I’ve saved that dude some heartache!

Maybe I’ve saved you some, as well.

And to reiterate:

This is NOT me saying “buy my program now, dumbass”.

You don’t have to buy from me.


Look -

The free stuff is great if you’re a newbie.

But if you’re outta that stage… which I’m assuming you are… and you KNOW you’re ready for the next level…

(Bigger clients, better skills, copywriting full time)

Then — and I say this with love — act like it.

Put some skin in the game.

Invest in a top program with a proven track-record.

Get a COACH who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and join you in the trenches.


That all being said…

If you DO want my help, I have 2 great programs you can pick from:

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. I have a number of highly-experienced, veteran copywriters as coaching students…

And I’m telling you now, they have NO QUALMS investing multiple thousands in their careers.

(I myself put down $6.8k on a LinkedIn marketing coach a few days ago)

Yes, this is super obvious.

I’m not blowing any minds here.

But hey, figured it’d be something to chew on if there’s even a small part of you thinking it makes sense to go it alone…



Shiv Shetti

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