“Just closed a 5k/mo retainer”

Shiv Shetti
3 min readJul 8, 2022


Let’s be real.

While you might enjoy the posts I write…

(When I pull my finger out and actually write them, that is)

My opt-in was NEVER for ‘daily tips’ or whatever.


You’re here ‘cos you wanna land retainers.

Big ones.

With whale clients.

So let’s strike at the core of that, shall we?

Here’s one of our CMMP students, Colby, achieving something you probably follow my posts for:


Big CMMP #win

I just closed a trial month into a $5k a month retainer.

Big shoutout to Shiv Shetti, Adil Amarsi, and more recently Lavan Jeyarupalingam for their coaching and mentorship support.

I would still be floundering around in the darkness if it wasn’t for you guys and I really appreciate your work.

More importantly than the money -

My skills as a copywriter have up-levelled multiple times over the last year.

Before I was ‘trying’ to be a copywriter.

Now I can call myself a copywriter without a shred of doubt or imposter syndrome.

Big up the Flaming Camel process and the CMMP.

It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.

There’s still a lot of progress to be made, and I’m going to keep pushing to the next milestone, but this is a great moment in my freelance/entrepreneur journey.


My goodness…

That’s a testimonial so good I don’t even need to add anything more here!

Although I will say this, to warn off the easily excited:

Colby is a seriously hard worker.

The man worked consistently… and persistently… to get himself in this position.

He overcame many struggles.

Pushed valiantly through mindset blocks.

Dealt with the frustration and pain of deals falling through at the last minute (no fault of his).

The list goes on.

But now…

He’s come out the other side as a flourishing copywriter destined for the top-tiers of our industry.

(This new 5k/mo retainer is JUST the start!)

So look…

If you’re thinking about joining the CMMP…

Yes, you’ll have everything you’ll need to become an advanced, top 5% copywriter…

You’ll have the right client-getting processes… line by line feedback on your copy… 1on1 support whenever you need it… daily accountability… performance coaching… etc

But it has to be YOU who puts in the work to make it happen.

We can’t force you to do squat.

We can only provide the conditions for you to win.


If you’re cool with that… and you have the entrepreneurial drive to make sh*t happen yourself…

I believe we can help you follow in Colby’s footsteps and advance your career ASAP.

But just before I hit you with a CTA…

I wanna make sure you’re aware of this:

We’re evolving the CMMP shortly — and spots for the current ‘cohort’ are VERY limited.

This evolution is explained on our sales page (linked below).

But know this:

Once we reach full capacity, we’ll shut off the program…

Add a waitlist…

Begin the evolution…

…then when we eventually reopen, it’ll be at almost 2X the price.

I NEVER do fake urgency / scarcity.

So for the Sceptical Susans wondering, this is 100% legit.


If you wanna follow in Colby’s footsteps, getting and keeping large retainers…

Read everything on this page to see how the CMMP is evolving…

And take action NOW before we shut things off.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. As if Colby’s testimonial couldn’t make my life any easier…

He literally followed it up with:


You guys have created a killer programme in the CMMP.

Seriously I thought I would have to be earning 3x this amount before I could afford this level of support.


My man is doing all the selling for me! Haha

Check out the CMMP — and our upcoming evolution — here.



Shiv Shetti

My “Flaming Camel” process helps copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainer clients ASAP