My student flexed on me and I got jealous

Does the whole WRiTeR’s LiFe promise make you roll your eyes?

You know…

That utopian dreamland where you’re sipping margaritas in Bali while the checks roll into your bank account?

If so, I get it.

It’s been beaten to death by… uh… certain copywriting info-publishers (who shall remain nameless).

But just because we’ve had it rammed down our throats, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Prime example:

Last Wednesday, I ran a coaching call for people in The Flaming Camel program.

(I run two 1-on-1 coaching calls per week, every single week)

And when one of my students joined my Zoom room with his video turned on…

My jaw dropped.


Because he was lounging in a deck chair in sunny Mexico…

Either on or right next to a beach (I could see palm trees in the background)…

Wearing a thin, vacation-style shirt punctuated with little pink flamingos.

Then he lifted his sunglasses, sipped his cocktail, and nonchalantly said:

“Hey Shiv, good to see you mate!”

What a flex!

Dude looked like he was having the time of his life.

I have to admit, I even got a little jealous haha

See… he USED to live in dreary Scotland.

But after joining The Flaming Camel and solidifying his copywriting income…

He up sticks and moved to Mexico.

And now he’s LITERALLY living the ‘writer’s life’.

This guy puts in 3–5 hours of ‘in the zone’ work per day…

…taking weekends off…

…and then he’s done.

My envious mind can only assume how he spends his free time.

Chilling out on the beach?

Reading a book on a hammock?

Getting catered to by servants who fan him with giant palm leafs and feed him grapes directly into his mouth?

Who knows ;-)

But what I CAN say for sure is that he’s NOT scrambling to land his next client after the ‘feast’ stage ends.


He’s got a dependable, consistent income writing for some cool clients who pay him well.

(And now, he’s on track for 6-figures)​

In other words:

Sh*t’s going great, and I’m genuinely thrilled for him!

Now — before anyone gets too excited…

It’s time for the bucket of cold water to the face.

Because here’s what you don’t see behind the scenes:

  1. Hard work
  2. Focussed work
  3. Consistent work
  4. Resistance to pain, failure, rejection, and mistakes

In other words:

This guy put in the HOURS to get to this point.

He did NOT join my program… then magically teleport to a Mexican beach.

It was his drive — and my coaching — that got him to where he’s at.

Seriously… I don’t say that to be cute.

It was a GRIND at times.

So if that ^^^ has put you off, then good.

Maybe you need to rethink this whole copywriting thing.

BUT if you truly want the ‘writer’s life’ (despite being jaded as f*ck by that promise)…

Then yes, it IS possible.

And if you’re the entrepreneurial type?

The Flaming Camel, in my opinion, is the best and FASTEST vehicle to get you there.


It WILL be a challenge.

It WILL require a strong work ethic.

It WILL still take time (despite being a fast process).

And, I make NO guarantees of any kind.

But if you’re cool with that…

The Flaming Camel can help you become a highly paid, full-time copywriter writing for 6, 7, and 8-figure clients on retainer ASAP.

At that point, yes.

You can move to Mexico if you want.

Or Bali.

Or anywhere else.

Or nowhere else!

It’s your call.

​​You’re running the show, captain.​

In either case…

Read this page now to begin your journey.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti