Revealed: the landing page formula that converts at over 90%

Ready to have your mind blown?


Putting a testimonial on a landing page is generally a good idea.

SHOCKING, right?

Who’d have thunk it?

Where do I go to collect my direct-response award?


Anywho, there’s a point here:

We take testimonials on LPs for granted now…

But believe it or not…

Back in the day…

(Before the internet marketing world evolved into the hive of scum and villainy it is now)

My biz partner, the ‘Underground A-lister’, was one of the FIRST guys to pioneer putting testimonials on landing pages.

(Even before OGs like Frank Kern)

And over the years…

He’s gotten seriously good at the humble landing page.

In fact… Adil has a formula for creating landing pages (copy AND design) that consistently break conversion records.


Adil went live in our FB group for another valuable training… this time, a landing page masterclass!

Topics include:

  • A discovery in 2014 that totally changed Adil’s approach to writing landing pages
  • Landing page breakdowns: what works and WHY
  • Adil’s proven formula AND proven layout that nets his clients 90%+ conversion rates

Plus a load more LP goodness.

Here’s a link to join the group:

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. The live recordings are all housed in the FB group…

(Benefit of joining live is you get to ask questions)



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Shiv Shetti

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