Struggling to write unique stories for your clients?

Shiv Shetti
2 min readFeb 10, 2022


Admit it:

Writing fresh, unique, entertaining stories for your clients is a RIGHT pain in the arse.

You know how powerful they are for driving sales.

But how many times are you gonna recycle the classic ‘rags to riches’ hero story?

Or write another boring ‘here’s what happened today’ story that has no drama or excitement?

I, too, struggled with this.


I STILL struggle sometimes.

But being business partners with the Underground A-lister…

Who’s been creating stories that sell from the ripe age of 12…

(Seriously — young Adil’s stories were a huge reason why his dad’s business boomed)

I can shoot him a message whenever I’m facing a ‘story wall’ and have him swoop in to the rescue.

And lucky you…


You too get the same privilege when you watch Adil’s free training videos in our FB group!

Here’s the rub:

Most copywriters use just 2–3 types of stories.

But the reality is there are 28 types of stories out there.

Adil deep dives with a few of them (all 28 would take forever) and explain exactly how to apply them to different markets.

He also covers:

  • How to reframe your client’s story through a new lens, and tell it in a unique, interesting, DIFFERENT way that’ll put a big grin on their face (and a fat stack in their wallet)
  • The special ways to wield your client’s story and help them stand out in saturated markets (this stuff will make you invaluable)
  • Case study: how changing a client’s story in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, took them from $10k/mo to $25k/mo (and still growing)
  • Why stories have to change for your audience
  • Plus a whole lot more story-selling goodness

Bottom line…

Much of the $821m+ Adil has generated over the years has come from his ability to sell using stories.

Here’s the link to join the group if you’re not already part of it.

You’ll get a ton of value out of this one!

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

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And, his other consulting packages easily run into 5-figures.

(Which many have happily paid)

But instead of ponying up that amount…

You’re getting access to him, for an hour, for free.

Pure value as well.

No sales pitch.

So don’t miss this.

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