The direct-response “rule” I spit in the face of

Over the years, I’ve gotten a TON of unsolicited advice.

The most common pearl of ‘wisdom’ that gets thrown at me?

“YoU nEeD tO cReAtE mOrE oFfErS”


In case you didn’t know:

I have just ONE core offer… The Flaming Camel coaching program.

And as of right now, I don’t sell anything on the back-end.

I know, I know.

Direct-response gospel would call that suicide.

And admittedly, from a pure income standpoint… it’s limiting.

(By “limiting”, I mean it’s tough for me to go from low-ish 6-figs to mid 6-figs)

So why do I spit in the face of this ‘rule’?

And why haven’t I done what EVERYONE else in this industry does, and sh*t out offers left, right, and centre?

Put simply:


Seriously, look around at all the offers in the copywriting world.

Then look at the testimonials, case studies, and TANGIBLE results they’ve gotten people.

Most offers have precious little!


They rely SOLELY on the creator’s status within the industry to do the heavy lifting.

(This is a huge problem that’s screwing a ton of copywriters… but that’s a rant for another day)

Yes, I’m sure those guys are making more money than me.

In some cases, a hell of a lot more.

But I don’t care.

My focus is — and always will be — on helping my students make amazing transformations.

And let me tell you:

It’s f*cking hard to create a service-based offer that gets people consistently good results.

(I should know, I’ve done it)

So having just ONE core offer allowed me to focus entirely on The Flaming Camel…

…testing and refining the process to the nth degree…

…and improving my skills as a coach to turbocharge student wins.

Prime example -

Here’s a Flaming Cameller who joined the 6-figure club after hitting $8.5k/month:

text message screenshot to Shiv Shetti from Flaming Camel student describing $8.5k retainers won

Look — I don’t have the positioning that A-listers have.

So I had to spend YEARS building a program that gets jaw-dropping results.

If you think I’m being arrogant… well, maybe you’re right haha.

But the bottom line is this:

If you’re fed up with garbage, low-effort programs that get ‘celebrated’ in the circle-jerk world of copywriting Facebook groups despite not actually helping people achieve the outcome they bought the training to get in the first place…

…then The Flaming Camel will be a breath of fresh air.

Results are king in my program.

And I’ll be coaching, guiding, and supporting you for 6 MONTHS to ‘force’ you into the higher tiers of the copywriting world.

To be clear:

It WON’T be a walk in the park.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, go here to start your transformation:

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. This email wasn’t a ‘sneak diss’ at any one person.

And I’m NOT knocking creators with multiple offers.

(People like my mate Derek Johanson do it right)

In fact, now that The Flaming Camel is pumping out quality results…

…I’ve been toying with the idea of creating another offer on the back-end to help my successful students keep winning.

But I certainly don’t “need” to have more offers.

And I dread to think how crappy my brand would be if I’d optimised for income and sprayed out offers right from the word go…

…forgetting all about results for my clients/customers.

^ Far too many people do this sh*t…



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