The most boring post I’ve ever written?

I sat down today and typed out a post titled:

“Where intermediate copywriters trip up”

But then I read it back…

And something became very obvious.

It was boring as SH*T.

I was putting MYSELF to sleep, I can only imagine what it’d do to others haha

Sure, the premise was good…

But I’d spent the last 35 minutes writing a dry, long-winded lecture.

(Can you relate?)

Part of me wanted to say ‘screw it’ and publish it anyway.

Part of me wanted to rewrite the ENTIRE thing from scratch, making it much more entertaining this time.


As you can clearly see…

I settled on this weird, and now very meta, middle-ground post.


Because output beats perfection… so long as quality doesn’t suffer (too much).

Yes, get that piece of copy done FAST.

Just so long as it’s not BORING.

^ A simple little rule, but a powerful one.


Speaking of not being boring…

I’ve decided to spice things up and rekindle my toxic relationship with Zuck.

In case you weren’t aware:

I got bent over by the Facebook fun police countless times last year in the form of never-ending account shutdowns.

Sure, I got my account back every single time.

And through this horrible process I ended up getting REALLY good at learning the compliance game.

But let me tell you…

The learning curve for that sh*t is less of a curve, and more of a cliff.

That’s on fire.

And covered in snakes.


I’m a sucker for pain.

And so I’m crawling back to Zuck with a new funnel I’m launching.

YouTube ads were coming along nicely, but the fact is… my market (you!) are on Facebook.

I was having to snipe them out of YouTube’s algorithm with the accuracy of a virtual Chris Kyle.

In other words:

I was making my life unnecessarily difficult.

Hence my tail-between-the-legs return to Facebook.

(I know how the game works now, plus I’m using Ben Simkin’s agency (top 1% advertiser) to help)

So anyway, look out for me in your newsfeed!

(And be sure to drop me a hate comment to fuel my masochism)

In the meantime however…

My coaching programs might be able to help turbocharge your copywriting career.

By “turbocharge”, I don’t mean overnight success.


I’m talking about combining a bit of elbow grease from you… with proven strategies and a TON of personal, 1on1 support from me (and Adil Amarsi, if the CMMP is more up your street)…

Getting you results like this:

screenshot text from Flaming Camel student describing retainers worth $17k/month won through Shiv Shetti’s program
screenshot text from Flaming Camel student describing retainers worth $17k/month won through Shiv Shetti’s program

(3 retainers… $17k months… extremely sharp copy skills — not too shabby)

I dunno which program is a better fit for where you’re at.

So, I’ll let you decide for yourself here:

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

My “Flaming Camel” process helps copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainer clients ASAP