This is what happens when you provide value up-front…

Shiv Shetti
2 min readFeb 24, 2022


…AND make your outreach HIGHLY unique such that it cuts through the noise.

A multiple 7-figure, famous brand in the self-development niche (you’d know them if I said the name) kept my student’s Flaming Camel…

Then a year later…

Reached out and put him on retainer when they needed a copywriter

screenshot of a text sent from flaming camel student saying he won a job from a flaming camel he sent a year ago.

Riddle me this:

How often do you think a company like that gets cold pitched?

How many service providers (not even just copywriters) do they ignore or reject outright?

And how common do you think it is that they KEEP an outreach message for over a YEAR because it’s THAT good?


This is why having a TRULY UNIQUE approach to securing retainer deals — arranged as a process, so it’s repeatable — is CRITICAL if you wanna build your copywriting business up to 6-figures.


There are just TOO MANY copywriters in the game to do the same sh*t as everyone else.


As you may or may not know…

I’ve sunk years — and thousands of hours — of my life into refining the Flaming Camel process.

Hell… I improved a section of the process just last WEEK.

It’s always getting better.

It’s always staying effective.

It’s always on the cutting edge of what’s working now.

And if you’re keen to get access to it…


The Flaming Camel is now rolled into the copy mentoring program I run with Adil “$821m” Amarsi.


(a.k.a The ‘Underground’ A-lister)

Our copywriter students have a seriously unfair advantage over the rest.

To join them (instead of trying to beat them)…

Check out this page to see if you’re the right fit for our mentorship program.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti



Shiv Shetti

My “Flaming Camel” process helps copywriters land $3k-$5k/month retainer clients ASAP