Two VERY different responses to my last email…

Shiv Shetti
3 min readJul 8, 2021


As the subject line suggests…

After resurfacing from a short, work-induced email hiatus…

I got some — uh — different replies.

Here’s one of ‘em:

screenshot of email from Shiv Shetti’s email subscriber sharing news of first paid gig

(Gonna pretend I didn’t see that bit about Upwork…)

Aaaaand here’s another:

screenshot of email to Shiv Shetti from subscriber, showing scepticism of Flaming Camel course

Funny, isn’t it?

Same email… two entirely different responses.

(Massive congrats to the first guy btw — client numero uno is always the hardest!)

Now, to be clear, I’m NOT throwing shade at the second guy.

There are no hard feelings whatsoever.

I even said in my reply back to him (paraphrased slightly):

— -

Your money is definitely best invested with a coach you truly believe can help get you the results you’re after.

If that’s not me, fair enough. No hard feelings.

Best of luck with everything mate!

— -

I’ve actually had a few people like this dude over the years.

They ask for proof the program works, I waterboard them with results, yet they still remain Skeptical Susans.

That’s okay, though.

I’m not mad.

(I promise I’m not gritting my teeth and squeezing the life out of my stress ball as I type this…)

(Kidding of course haha)

I get it.

99% of the time they’ve been burnt by some shyster promising the world and under-delivering.

(See? I refrained from directly referencing AWAI here. I should get a trophy for that level of self-restraint.)


If you fall into camp #1, and you believe The Flaming Camel is the mutt’s nuts…

Read this page to join the fun.

But if, like the guy above, you’re in camp #2…


I have the same CTA for you.

‘Cos my sales page is filled to the brim with results, testimonials, and endorsements (that I keep adding to).

And while we’re at it, here’s even MORE proof to add to the pile:

Remember that student of mine who brought on a third $5k/month retainer…

Taking him to $15k/month in his copywriting business?

(I mentioned him yesterday)

This is what he said after reading my last email:

screenshot of Flaming Camel student to Shiv Shetti, describing a total of $20k retainer gigs won

Yeah… he’s now at $20k/month and in the middle of hiring a team.

Maybe that ^^^ is your goal, too.

Or maybe the thought of hiring a team is nightmare fuel…

And you’re the one-woman/one-man-band type, who’d rather chill at $10k/month, waking up when you want… working when you want… and generally calling the shots so long as your clients are happy and your deadlines are met.

Whatever the case…

The Flaming Camel can help you enter the big leagues as a copywriter ASAP.

Now… don’t expect a guarantee.

Because I won’t ever give one.

The system works if YOU make it work.

There will be days where sh*t gets hard.



You might have to deal with a few rejections.

You might have to take me ripping your copy apart (lovingly, of course) when you submit the value-creation part of my process for feedback.

You get the point.

But if you bring the work ethic, entrepreneurial drive, and copy chops…

…and the mental fortitude to deal with adversity*…

(*You don’t need to be a Navy SEAL, but come on — if a bit of emotional pain derails you entirely, fix your mindset then come back to me)

…there’s no reason you can’t be my next success story.

Ready to get started?

Read this page.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti

P.S. If you need more convincing, no worries.

Stay tuned for more inevitable Flaming Camel wins ;-)



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