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Shiv Shetti
3 min readJul 13, 2022


“If I’m being honest, it takes me 3–4 hours to write an email”

^ I had a copywriter tell me this recently.

And I could hear the pain in her voice…

‘Cos 3–4 hours is pretty much half her working day.

All spent writing ONE email.

No bueno.

Thing is…

I KNOW many copywriters can relate.

How long it REALLY takes them to write an email is like a deep dark secret they don’t want anyone to know…

Hell — I was the same!

It used to take me HOURS to knock out a broadcast…

Overthinking every last word…

Worrying it wasn’t up to scratch…

Deleting things that were actually good because I didn’t believe in myself enough.

^ Can you relate?

If so — there’s hope.

I fixed this. You can too.

Here are a few things I implemented:

(NOTE: these tips aren’t mind-blowing — but if you’re looking for ninja hacks or LiTtLe kNoWn SeCrEtS then that’s a whole other issue…)

#1 Write with a timer

My fave timer is the Pomodoro.

(25 mins on, 5 mins off)

Adil recommends around 25 mins for writing and 10–15 mins for editing.

Even quicker if you can.

The Pomodoro is perfect for that.

#2 Use a SIMPLE writing process

1 big idea, 3 bullets.

(Bullets = hook, body, close)

That’s it.

Writing down your 1 big idea and the 3 bullets before you dive into the email gives everything structure.

And with it, comes speed.

#3 Lower your standard for what a ‘good hook’ is

This is HUGE.

Back in the day…

Every time I sat down to write an email…

I’d try to create a Bencivenga-style masterpiece of a hook.

Don’t do that sh*t.


You MUST learn to lower your standard for what a good email hook looks like.


If you find something super unique / really cool…

Use it.

But email hooks can be simple, too.

A pain point. A quote. A story.

(I used all 3 in this email’s hook!)

The list goes on.

And if this helps solidify the point…

I’m friends with many world-class copywriters, and I’ve seen some of their best emails.

In almost EVERY case…

It’s simple stuff executed brilliantly.

Nothing crazy.

Nothing out of left field.

Nothing any intermediate / advanced copywriter can’t also do.

Don’t forget that!

#4 Get your copy reviewed consistently

Come on, you knew this last bullet was gonna lead to a pitch ;)

But seriously…

Line-by-line feedback from top copywriters is HUGE.

If you know where the holes are in your chops… you can spot the mistakes, self-correct, and write better copy, faster.

And, oh, look at that, what a coincidence…

This is EXACTLY what we offer in the CMMP!

Unlike other copy coaching programs…

You’ll get line-by-line feedback on EVERYTHING you submit for review.

It could be a 200-word email.

It could be a 15,000-word webinar script.

As long as it’s direct-response…

Whatever you turn in to Adil and Rob (two 9-figure copywriters) will get looked at with a fine-toothed comb.

Not to mention…

We put a HUGE focus on personal performance in the program.

We’ll optimise your sleep… your diet… your work habits… your schedule… everything.

This, combined with high-quality feedback, is how you win back more time each day.

After all…

Our big promise is ‘Copywriting Nirvana’.

The income.

The freedom.

The fun.

None of which are possible if you’re writing from dusk to dawn.

Anyway, if this resonates:

Let’s get you creating better copy, faster

So you can write AND enjoy your life at the same time.

Speak soon,

Shiv Shetti



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